Ainet : Changed my perspective from Teacher to TEACHER

You might be astonished by the title and hoping to listen more enthusiastically. Truly Ainet played an important role in my professional life from Teacher to TEACHER .Now I am bold and more positive as well as much filled with energy.
“Teaching is the practice” before listening it I was simply a teacher and I do teach but Ainet made me to think and explore myself to understand it’s practice in true sense. We need to go on updating ourselves to be better in the world of technology.

What did I learn from Ainet…it’s big list and it won’t wrap up in short writing but some takeaways are definitely worth mentioning such as multilingual language practice in the classroom, Reading and enhancing the knowledge with the support of technology and many more to pen.

AINET has also strengthened my network. I am now following who have impressed me a lot at Ainet. The first one is Geetha mam who proved that if you have high dreams then age is not the obstacle. It’s just a number and nothing else.The way she was spreading her impact in the conference was amazing and it’s still carries in my heart. It gives me positive waves, energy and boosts me up to wake up.

Pramod sir , a decent man with humble attitude who won the hearts of the teachers by his encyclopaedic knowledge and soothing manners.

Then I encountered with many great personalities like Alex, Jason Anderson,Alifiya , Mahesh Dudhnkar and many more unending list of the people .

If I narrate in cricket commentary language then it’s Lord Stadium for the English language lovers. I am pretty gald to be associated with AINET now.At the same time I expect detailing and effective work from Ainet though we depart with positive energy and takeaways , somewhere that energy should sustain and for it Ainet should be connected all the time , I do expect some MOOC programs and Some motivational videos to keep us in the flow of positivity towards teaching practice or there should be a platform where we should keep on getting a source of knowledge which will benefit us in our Classroom practice.

Do you support to include child Psychology subject in curriculum?

Today’s generation is much more fascinated towards social media, even they don’t bother how much they are engrossing in it. We recently faced the problem of online game Blue Whale.We find as they are baffled with many things and unable to get proper guidance. As a teacher many times we use our convenient way to scold or neglect such children by labeling them Mischievous or Bad. We need to talk with them as I did on trial basis and to my wonder it unfolded many hidden layers of the child’s mind . Today’s big problem is lack of COMMUNICATION with children as they have lots of things to share ,chat and express but need a gentle push. I really feel that As a teacher we can teach them how should overcome from such problems and face it  with courage .We need to LISTEN them. If they will be introduced with child psychology they may realise or judge whats right and wrong for them. Not only children but teachers also will change their perspectives. I hope you will agree with me.Do you support to include child Psychology subject in curriculum? need to raise this point and support Child Psychology education in our classroom.

Thank you.